The beneficial features of natural plants are known to people from ancient times. However the many years passed, natural plant products, which have successfully passed the test of time, have not lost their importance among such people even in the scientific and technological progress century. The demand for natural products, including ones in rich with natural plants, is increasing with each passing day. The clear evidence of this is the fact that the main part of our daily food consuming is made up of tea after the bread. Even a person, who is in diet, removes bread from a daily meal plan, but does not give up tea. This also shows that the tea has a special place in the nutrition of the organism. In this way, we have established “BUTAM” tea brand. The brand was founded by the Herba Flora Company in 2016. Our goal for creating this brand and tea products is to provide consumers with tea products which consist of natural ingredients. Add pleasure to your taste buds with “BUTAM” tea!

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