BUtam- Fitness teas

Fragrant and delicious Fitness teas accelerate the work of the stomach and intestines, cleanse the entire body from intermediate products of metabolism and toxic substances, slows the absorption and metabolism of carbohydrates fats down, speeds up the breakdown of complex sugars and lipids, thus reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat cells. The tea also reduces appetite and the feeling of hunger, and helps lose weight. Both women and men can benefit from BUTAM – Fitness teas.

Rules of use: One or two filter bags are brewed in a 200-ml (1 cup) boiling water for 15 minutes, cooled to room temperature. Taken orally 1-2 times a day.

Ingredients: Ginger, olive leaves, sage leaves, strawberry leaves, pennyroyal, hibiscus, mallow, natural strawberry flavor.

Ingredients: Olive leaves, cedar blossom, mallow, senna leaves, chamomile flower, lingonberry leaves, black tea, buckthorn bark, natural apricot flavor.

Ingredients: Senna leaves, birch leaves, star anise fruit, hibiscus, strawberry leaves, green tea, parsley seeds, olive leaves, natural apple flavor.

Ingredients: Dandelion, ginger, hibiscus, mallow, buckthorn bark, calendula flower, cassia leaves, nettle leaves.

Ingredients: Coriander seeds, sweet licorice, pharmacy chamomile flower, cassia leaves, buckthorn fragilis bark.

Ingredients: Ginger, senna leaves, mallow, buckthorn bark, hibiscus, calendula flower, nettle leaves, natural lemon flavor.

Ingredients: Mint leaves, olive leaves, senna leaves, sage leaves, buckthorn bark, pennyroyal, hibiscus, mallow, natural mint flavor.

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