Green tea

One of the types of tea drinks. It differs from black tea by some features of usefulness and significance for a human body. One of the significant functions of green tea is its aid to sweat off weight when using continuously. As so it regulates the metabolism of the body entering through it. Taking 2-3 cup of green tea for a day helps to reduce weight 100 kkal gradely. You may sweat off weight to 4 kg without any difficulties and diets within a year. The green tea regulates digestion of fatty acids and fats and glucose rate also. Sugar rate in plasma decreases, glucose rate normalizes when using the green tea. The men suffering from pancreatic [insular] diabetes and endocrine glands it is useful to take the green tea daily. The green tea is not easy than coffee about buck up feature although the caffeine contained in is fewer significantly. Men having the sensibility to caffeine are recommended to drink green tea. It should be noted that
all numerous types of green tea just belong to the brand of  “BUTAM” tea. There are 6 types only.
the Butam Nakhichevan bouquet
The Butam ordinary green tea
The Butam tea with cloves
the Butam green tea with cloves and cinnamon
The Butam green tea, mint and cinnamon
The Butam green tea with bergamot mint
Bon appetit!

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